Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Make Money at Home: Online Reward Programs Part 2

I am back with more "Online Reward Programs".  I have been doing some research over the last month and have found some really GREAT programs. I checked and rechecked the authenticity of a program before I join and I am on a few more that I would love to share with you all!

I also just saw a news story on our local CBS2 news station tonight about a Woman Pays for Christmas by Visiting Websites. This is my goal for Christmas 2012 and it is really encouraging that it can be done!!

Jingit: I am really liking this one. You do have to have a Facebook account to participate and you also need to have a phone number to accept a text message from. They say cell phone, but I have heard that many are using a Google Voice Number and it works. IF you already have a Google Account(Blogger, Gmail etc) you can create a Google Voice number in seconds: You have to login with your Facebook account. I researched this one extensively before joining and it is highly recommended by many sites like Consumer Reports and more!

Jingit needs no referrals Guaranteed $5.00 a week. All you do is watch commercials. Take about 10-15 min to reach your max of $5.00. You can get referrals and it ups your weekly rate by .25 cents. Once you hit $10.00 that is your maxium. All your earning go on a Jingit Visa Debit card. The Visa Debit Card does cost $2.00 enrollment fee, which is deducted from your earnings. No other fees after that!!

Referral Link:

I know it doesn't sound like a lot, $5-10 a week, but it could potentially be $20-40 a month! This site also allows more then one account per household, so that amount could double if you refer household members!

CrowdTap: I joined this one a couple months ago and have been having fun with it. CrowdTap is about connecting Brands with consumers. You "tap" through a series of questions, which come in batches of 10, about brands you use and new ideas for products. You earn points for your taps and challenges. The only reward I am seeing right now is gift cards. I have heard of members getting products shipped to them like jeans and such to "Try out" though! The higher the level the more stuff you can earn.

Referral Link:

BeeZag: Joined this one about a week ago and I am well on my way to earning a GC. This one does require a higher amount to cash out, but it also awards more points for each thing you do. The main thing is watching videos. As you watch the video it will show 2 numbers running across the screen at various points. At the end of the video enter the 2 numbers you saw to be rewarded the points for that video.

Referral Link:

GiftHulk: I just joined this a week ago, but have heard great things about it. I even had a comment on my blog about it. The comment was asking about Superpoints and said that she earned quickly from GiftHulk, as did many others from boards that I read!

GiftHulk How it works will be a great page to look at for info on the program:
GiftHulk: How it Works

Referral Link:

I hope you all enjoy this info and are able to utilize some of the links and starting "making money online"!!

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