Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

I am typing this post with only 2 hours left in 2011. 2011 was a very interesting year, many ups and downs, as with any year. I do feel very blessed as 2011 comes to a close and I THANK GOD for that feeling and all the blessings.

The year began with the "Blizzard of 2011". I had actually prayed for a Blizzard and it happened. God is good! I know it was torcherous for many, but it was a lot of fun for the kids and more. A week later my youngest boy had his tonsil and adenoids removed. I am so very glad that he had that surgery it has helped him with his sleeping and also his speech!

March we had "Unemployment" hit our household as my hubby lost his job at a local hotel. This would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The Holiday Inn Express where he was working for 5 months had many issues with "clientile" and neighborhood people. He went back to visit recently and it has changed for the worse. God really blessed us because by June 1st he was employed again and now he has a M-F 8:30am-5pm job with a State Agency.

I personally had a year of health issues, nothing too bad, but it seemed constant Dr. appointments for me. I am hoping that there won't be a repeat in the coming year.

I am so proud of all my boys and all that they have accomplished this year. The boys and I have so much fun, especially during the summer months when we are "out and about" a lot. I love living in Chicagoland because there is always so much to do and many places to go. I love doing the "culture scene" with the boys and showing them all the great and fun things to do in and around Chicagoland. Our favorite place to go is the library and parks. We also love the museums and Downtown Chicago!

All in All, 2011 was a BLESSED year! THANK YOU God for this year!

I will be back tomorrow with my Goals for the coming year! Have a blessed Night all!

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