Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heat Wave Refreshments

I have been busy over the past couple of days getting ready to stay inside most of this week due to an impending Heat Wave that is coming to Chicago. The temps are going to be in the Mid to Upper 90's. The heat index is going to make it feel like 110°-115°. Josh, age 9, has asthma and the humidity makes him have asthma attacks, so we have to avoid being outside unless we HAVE to be.

I went Grocery Shopping yesterday and got Fresh Fruit and Veggies, Fresh Meat and other "goodies" that will keep us refreshed and cool. I like to eat light during the summer, especially when the heat is hot and dangerous. Today I prepared many of those foods, so the boys and I can just "Grab and Go" and not have to do much prep work each day.

Take a look at our some of our "Goodies" for the week:

As I mentioned in a previous post Preparing for a Heat Wave, our basement apartment can get pretty warm and we only have 1 A/C unit in our apartment. It is in the Front Room in the wall. The boys and I are planning on "hibernating" in the front room during the heat wave. I was hoping to get them out after dinner, we still hope to do that, but from what I am hearing the humidity will be worse after sundown. The boys and I will stay inside for the majority of the week. I do have to go out for Library Day one night this week. I will go after hubby gets home from work and go by myself!

I will be praying for those who HAVE to be out in this Heat Wave. Please remember to check on the elderly and stay cool and hydrated!

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