Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Easy to make Individual Jello Cups

Our family really likes Jello and Pudding Cups, although I don't like the expense. A couple years ago I found these 4oz cups at Dollar Tree that would be perfect for individual Jello and Pudding cups. I purchased 4 packs of 4 cups and we have been making our own jello and pudding cups since then. I buy packages of jello and/or pudding and we get 4 cups per box for about .50¢, rather then $1-$3 per 4 pack. I am in the process of looking for "made from scratch" jello and pudding recipes rather then buying the boxes! 

A couple weeks ago my 17yr old niece was here at my place for a couple of days. She made some pudding right in my 2 cup measuring cup. I thought that was "genius". I decided to "borrow" her idea the other day when I was making Jello cups. I mixed the Jello right in the 2 cup measuring cup and I was sooo pleased with the ease of making it and especially pouring it into the individual cups.

I am sooo happy with how easy this system is and will continue to use this method. I had been mixing in a bowl and found it difficult to get the liquid into the cups good, many spills happened. I know this method will lessen the spills and I will only have one thing to wash now!

Mixing Jello and/or Pudding in the measuring cup "Works for Me". For more great hints and tips visit Kristen over at We are THAT Family.

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Victoria said... Best Blogger Tips

I do this too for packed lunches I sometimes add fruit too.

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