Monday, July 11, 2011

Fast and Furious Storm this morning

WOW! I know Chicago weather can and will be whacky, but this morning it really got whacky on us!

I woke up at 6:30am and it was sunny and humid, temp 80°.  I was watching the local morning news and they were saying that a storm was going to pass through at around 8:00am. I was checking email and websites around 7:50am, hubby was getting ready to leave for work, it started getting gloomy outside. Hubby left for work around 7:58am, around 8:03am, Joshua(9) comes into my bedroom with a scared look on his face. He said "It is going to storm? It sure looks like it?" I look out the window and it was so dark outside, it looked like it was midnight. I told Josh of the impending storm and all of a sudden the clouds opened up and it started  pouring down rain.

Josh and I grabbed our cameras and I grabbed my cell phone and we went to the front porch to get some pics and a video. It was coming down FAST and furious, it was wild.

Don't mind my crazy narration in the video, I was being silly so the boys wouldn't be so scared. LOL

It stopped raining within 30 minutes, but it caused significant damage in and around Chicagoland. 80,000 people are without Electricity right now, branches and trees are down in many areas, a roof was blown off a building at 66th and Central and much more. The temp went down to 70° for a while, but it inching back up already. The sun will return this afternoon and our high temp today will be 94° and humid.

I am going to bake some Banana Bread this morning while the temp is still low. We won't be able to go out to a park this morning, so now they are all waterlogged. We will make the best of the day and have some fun indoors!

Crazy Chicago Weather!!

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