Saturday, January 22, 2011

Social Networking for Book Lovers

Do you enjoy reading and want to connect with other "Book Lovers"? Yes, there is Facebook, Twitter and Message Boards, although your "book loving" friends can get mixed in with your other friends and some "messages" might get lost! 

Well, there are a few "Social Networks" specifically for Book Lovers! "Friend" others who have the same interests as you, learn about new books or books and authors you may have never heard of from your friends lists! You can also form online book clubs within your network of friends! 

My personal favorite is GoodReads. I really like that I can rate the books, write reviews and give my opinion of books. I can list what I am currently reading and then change the status once I finish that book. Also, if your friend rates a book that seems to interest you, you can "add to your list" if you want to read it in the future.  My Good Reads Page. If you sign up or already a member, friend me and I will friend you back! 

My second favorite is Shelfari. Shelfair allows you to Create a virtual shelf to show off your books. Connect with your friends. Discover exciting new titles. Shelfari is similar to GoodReads, although I do like the Virtual Shelf of my books that Shelfari offers.  My Shelfari Page. Come on over and find me and I will respond back! 

Library Thing is another site for book lovers. It is more of a "virtual book shelf" then social networking. You can add friends and connect on Library Thing, but not as much as with Good Reads and Shelfari. It is an excellent resource for keeping a listing of all your books that you own. My Library Thing Page 

PaperBackSwap is an online book swapping network. Don't let the name fool you though, you can also swap hard cover books. You can learn How to Swap books and earn your first 2 credits for your first 2 books! If you request a book, it is sent to you FREE of charge, sender pays postage. If you send out a book, you pay postage! You can re swap once you are done reading the book, or you can keep it on your bookshelf! 

Reading is "fun"damental and I love, love, love reading! 

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