Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life Issues Trumped Progress

Well I didn't get much accomplished this weekend because life issues got in the way. I was sick on Saturday, "stay in my comfy chair all day" sick. Today, I went to clean and organize my pantry, which I thought would take me only 30 minutes or so, took me 3hrs. We had to throughly clean it and throw away about 1/3 of our pantry stuff due to "circumstances beyond our control". (I'll spare you all the details) Here are some before and after pics of the pantry.

Suffice to say: We will be doing some major stock up of pantry items this week and we will also be purchasing some containers to store our pasta, rice, beans, and cereal in. (I didn't take pics of the bottom area where we have our flour buckets and small appliances). I still have a box of food items to put back in, but I need to get storage containers for them first!

I think tomorrow(Monday 1/31) we are going to have a "Home Ec" day and "Responsibility Training" day for the boys. We will do some more house cleaning and teach them responsibility while doing so.

This week is a new week, although a busy week and a crazy week! I am going to make the best of it and try to get things accomplished!!

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