Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was on the "other side" of radio today!!

I had an awesome experience today! For those who don't know I went to Columbia College from '93-97 and was a Radio Broadcasting major. I worked at a radio station here Chicago from '96-'00. So this is why my title is "the other side". Instead being on the working end, I was "just the listener" today. LOL!!

I still enjoy listening to the radio and there is a new favorite of mine that came on-air last June. It is Chicago's Rewind 100.3FM  They play hits from the 80's and more!! I love 80's music because I was a teen in the 80's. I used to love watching movies, but lost interest in the 90's, so many movies I remember are from the 80's.

Monday afternoon I registered for the VIP Listener Reward Program and saw that I can register to win a "Meet and Greet" with Corey Feldman from Lost Boys and Goonies fame! The Meet and Greet was to happen at the station in downtown Chicago. I clicked and entered. I figured I would never win anyway and if I did my husband was off work today anyhow! Tuesday afternoon I receive a phone call from the Promotions Dept that I was one of the 2 winners for the Meet and Greet. I said "Really, your kidding? LOL" She said for real!  I was like "Woohoo". She forwarded the info to me in an email.

I had to be at the studio by 2:30pm, and I actually arrived at 2:15pm due to fast CTA train service. Around 3:10pm myself and other winner were ushered into the studio. Corey Feldman was bought in about 2 minutes after we got in there. He had a black leather "aviator hat" on, his answer to earmuffs. He was much shorter then I had expected. He was very pleasant and amazingly funny! He is very much like you see him in the movies! He did the daily trivia contest with the afternoon Jock, Brian Middleton. Corey was the one who created the question for listeners to call in and answer. Brian and Corey did an interview about Corey reason for being in Chicagoland for the next few days. He has a Film Festival  that he is featured in all weekend long. They are showing many of his 80's films, especially The Lost Boys movie! I think he is really trying hard to stay clean, he had an "electric cigarette". He looked awesome, really!!

We didn't get a chance to take pictures or get autographs because Corey was short on time, but the experience was awesome! The station has some pics up in their Picture Gallery.  I am in the girl in the background wearing the purple striped sweater.

I am sooo happy that 100.3FM is now playing mostly 80's music. I really love it  and I am a listener!! I even have an app on my Android phone that is called Tune in Radio. I have access to tons of radio stations all around the country, including many local stations. So even on the go, I can listen to Chicago's Rewind on my phone or via my MP3 player that has FM access! LOVE IT!! 

THANK YOU Chicago's Rewind for the neat experience and letting me be on the "other side" of radio today!!
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