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Momentum Influencers Blog Tour: The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition & Giveaway

This reimagining of the mega-selling Action Bible combines 230 epic stories of biblical heroes with vibrant comic-book-style illustrations and an immersive online experience. Readers will explore seven dynamic attributes of God’s story, earn Faith in Action Badges representing those qualities, and discover even more through a discoverable QR code in each story that takes them to a safe online adventure of games, playlists, Bible studies, activities, and a complete devotional designed to increase their time with God.

• Parents, order your copy of the The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition today!
• The Action Bible has helped millions of kids engage in God’s Word throughout the world.
• The Faith in Action Edition is an enhanced version of the bestselling Expanded Edition.
• Vivid illustrations and short impactful stories help connect Gen Zs and Gen Alphas to God’s Word.
• Stories are in chronological order to better help kids understand God’s redemptive story.
• The Faith in Action Edition is about helping kids Engage in God’s Word, Grow in God’s Word, and Live God’s Word.
• Spiritual Growth Resources include over 200 devotionals, prayers, character stories, teaching videos, timelines, maps, and Bible facts.
• Kids and parents can access digital resources by scanning QR codes throughout the Bible.
• Major themes of the Bible are highlighted throughout with icons that help kids personalize their faith and live God’s Word. Themes of the Bible are based on David C Cook’s tested Bible study curriculum for kids and include: Courage, Faith, Hope, Love, Service, Trust, and Wisdom.
• The Faith In Action Edition is the most complete interactive Bible for kids and teens.

Sergio Cariello was Born in Brazil. At the age of 5 I already knew I wanted to draw comics. At 11 I had my first comic strip published in Local newspapers-Frederico, the Detective. At Caliber Press penciled, inked and lettered the HP Lovecraft's Dagon, with writer Steven Jones.At Marvel I drew Daredevil,Conan,Thor, Captain America, Disney's Quasimodo,Spider-man, the Avengers and others.Drew Batman, Superman, New Gods, Young Heroes in Love, Superboy, Steel, Guy Gardner, Hawkman, Man called X, The Flash, Deathstroke,Wonderwoman, Green Arrow, Azrael and others for DC.Taught 7 yrs at the Joe Kubert School.Member of the National Cartoonists Society since 1995.Worked with Chuck Dixon and Beau Smith in the Wildcat mini-series.Dark Horse(Beau's and mine Badlander), Image(Spawn),Sojourn, Lady Death, Scion, Crux, and other Crossgen titles,Iron Ghost with Chuck and ATP) and many others. Currently working on the Lone Ranger(Dynamic Forces), Son of Samson with writer Gary Martin for Zondervan, the New Picture Bible for David C Cook ( Now called "The Action Bible".

The Action Bible has been around for many years. My Boys had the early version of the Action Bible when they were younger. The new and updated version is AMAZING. My boys are now Young Adults and they checked out the new version with me and they said "This version has so much more then the one we had. The graphics are superb."  The Action Bible is a Graphic Novel Bible and the Illustor, Sergio Cariello, has made it vibrant, interesting and colorful. The Addition of QR Codes and making it Interactive is a FANTASTIC aspect of this Bible. I feel the Kids are already digging into the Bible, but when they Scan a QR Code it really takes them to another level of Learning! 

I also LOVE the addition of the  7 Themes throughout the Bible which include: Service, Love, Trust, Courage, Faith, Hope, Wisdom. 

I HIGHLY Recommend this Bible for Kids and Parents to Enjoy together. I feel it would make a GREAT Gift for Easter or anytime! 



The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition

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