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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Redemption in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd

Book: Redemption in the Wilderness

Author: Andrea Byrd

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: September 19, 2023

Two sisters alone on the Kentucky frontier…love is the last thing they expect to find.

After the death of their parents during the Hard Winter, Margaret and her sister have struggled to survive. Between her mother’s dying wish that Margaret protect her sister, and the nagging sensation that they are not alone, guilt and worry are her constant companions. And if someone is following them, is their watcher friend or foe?

Iain Donegal can’t afford roots, not with the pain and guilt of the life he’s left behind, or the memory of the drink that once threatened to consume him. But his solitary life as a long hunter in the wilds of Kentucky finds a new path when he happens upon a young woman digging a grave for her own mother. Unable to pull himself away when he realizes that she and her sister are on their own, he begins to provide anonymous aid. But when the women truly need him, can he risk leaving his solitary life behind to step in and fill the void?


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I LOVE Christian Historical Romance books Redemption in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd is Book 2 in the Frontier Hearts series. I had the joy of reading Book 1 and have been anxiously anticipating Book 2. 

The setting is Spring 1780 in the Kentucky Wilderness. Margaret and Muireall lost both of their parents in the Winter of 1779. Margaret's mother asked her to care of her sister and she is struggling with carrying out her mother's wish. The Women are especially having trouble securing meat and food. Margaret also has a nagging feeling that someone is watching them or following them. Iain Donegal is a Hunter and lives a Solitary Life in the Kentucky Wilderness. He is concerned for the Girls when he sees them digging a grave to bury their parents. He keeps watch of them from afar, but steps in when danger arises. Iain loves his solitary life and has no plans of getting married and settling down, but he begins thinking about changes when he needs to protect the girls. Will Iain leave his lifestyle to protect the girls? Will Margaret make a decision for the future of both her and her sister? 

 WOW, I was captivated by this storyline from the very first chapter. Margaret is a LOVING Sister who is trying to be strong for her sister and watch out for her sister. Iain is a wonderful strong man who LOVED his lifestyle and it benefitted the girls even when they didn't know it. I LOVED how he came to the rescue when danger lurked. I think my favorite part of the book was watching Iain and Margaret grow through their marriage. This book is filled with History, LOVE,, Faith and Family! I am looking forward to more books in this series Anyone who enjoys Christian historical books will LOVE this book! WONDERFUL BOOK!


Andrea Byrd is a Christian wife and mom located in rural Kentucky, who loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors, one with nature. Often described as having been born outside her time, she has a deep affinity for an old-fashioned, natural lifestyle.

With a degree in Equine Health & Rehabilitation gathering dust and a full-time job tethering her to a desk eight hours a day, Andrea decided it was time to show both herself and her children that it is truly possible to make your dreams come true. Now with over 1,000 contemporary Christian romance novellas sold, Andrea is pursuing her passion of writing faith-filled romance woven with a thread of true history.


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One of my favorite aspects of being a historical fiction author is learning new tidbits of information with each novel I pen.

Not only have I always loved learning, but I also harbor a deep passion for novels that incorporate real places and events. In Redemption in the Wilderness, I was blessed with the opportunity to research the beginnings of Harrodsburg, KY. This town was founded in 1774 as Harrodstown by James Harrod. What began mainly as a civilian fort with the building of Fort Harrod has endured more than 200 years of Kentucky’s rich history. Tourists and locals alike can still visit a replica of Fort Harrod today. And, you, yourself, can visit the original fort in Redemption in the Wilderness.

Beyond historical places and events, I also always find myself on a search engine with the strangest little inquisitions. Such as… What plants are native to Kentucky? When do said plants bloom? And which can be used as a natural remedy for this particular ailment? With this novel, I found that feverfew, a native Kentucky wildflower, was so aptly named because early settlers used this native plant to reduce fever. I cannot wait for you to see what role it played for the characters in Redemption in the Wilderness.

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To celebrate her tour, Andrea is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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Rita Wray said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a great book.

Roxanne C. said... Best Blogger Tips

Redemption in the Wilderness sounds like the kind of book I'd choose. The time setting is intriguing, and it has two sisters struggling to survive. The marriage of convenience appeals to me as well. The hero of the story sounds like an interesting man.

traciem said... Best Blogger Tips

What are the challenges you face in writing characters?

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds good! Our family is supposedly descended from Daniel Boone, so that time and place is very much of interest.

Bea LaRocca said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing your review of Redemption in the Wilderness, I love the cover and synopsis and I am looking forward to reading this story myself

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