Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Momentum Influencers: Gigi and Nate Movie Review and Giveaway

Gigi & Nate is the story of Nate Gibson, a young man whose life is turned upside down after he suffers a near-fatal illness and is left a quadriplegic. Moving forward seems near impossible until he meets his unlikely service animal, Gigi - a curious and intelligent capuchin monkey. Although she is trained to assist Nate with
his basic needs, Gigi helps Nate find what he needs most of all: hope. 

I was excited to watch this movie as it is based on a true story. I really like the fact that a Monkey is used as a Service Animal. It is very unique and fun-loving. I watched it along with my 17yr old son and we both enjoyed it immensely.  I think the relationship between Gigi and Nate is wonderful and heartwarming. Gigi, the monkey, is adorable and so much fun. The care Gigi has for Nate is amazing. I will admit was taken aback by the language and party scenes in the movie. I plan on watching it again when it hits the Theatre on September 2nd. GOOD MOVIE! 

• Go see Gigi & Nate in theaters starting September 2nd!
• Gigi & Nate is a story of hope, of overcoming the
obstacles life throws at us, reveling in the art of faith and perseverance.
• This encouraging and inspirational film is based on a true story! 

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Many thanks to Roadside Attractions for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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