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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: The Amish Outcast's Holiday Return by Lacy Williams

Book: The Amish Outcast’s Holiday Return

Author: Lacy Williams

Genre: Contemporary Christian romance / Amish romance

Release date: November 1, 2021

Torn between family loyalty

and her dreams for the future…

Grace Beiler’s shocked when Zach Miller arrives at her family’s farmhouse seeking forgiveness for his teenage mistake that cost her sister’s fiancé his life. But when her father gives Zach a job, Grace gets to know the man he’s become…and starts to want more than friendship. Can love bloom amid hidden secrets and family grief, and give them a fresh start at Christmas?


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Amish Fiction is my absolute favorite Genre of Fiction books. The Amish Outcast's Holiday Return by Lacy Williams is the most recent Amish Fiction book that I have read. I have read a few of Lacy Williams Cowboy Romance books, but this is the first Amish Fiction Book that I have read by this author. 

Zach Miller has waited 5 long years to return to his Amish Community,  and he is seeking forgiveness for an accident that happened 5yrs ago. Zach Miller is responsible for an accident that killed the fiancé of Grace Beiler's Sister and he spent 5yrs in prison for it. Sarah has been devastated since the accident and has had a very hard time with life. The entire Beiler family has been impacted by this accident and how it has affected Sarah. Grace's father gives Zach a chance at a new life by hiring him for a job. Grace begins to really get to know Zach as he spends more time working for her father. Admittedly, Grace is really falling for Zach as she can see that he is a changed man from the Teenager who made a mistake. Grace is stuck in a predicament though, as she LOVES her Sister and doesn't want to cause family rift by having a relationship with Zach. Can Sarah forgive Zach for his role in her fiancés death? will Grace and Zach be able to have a relationship? Will Zach be welcomed back into the Amish Community?? 

WOW, this is one of the BEST Amish Fiction books I have ever read. I really give Zach a lot of admiration as he made it a point to come to the Beiler Family and ask for forgiveness, as soon as he was released from Prison. He wanted a fresh start and Mr. Beiler saw his sincerity and gave him a job. Grace has a GREAT heart and a willingness to forgive, but she also saw how she needed to make sure she lose her sister's trust in the midst of having a relationship with Zach. The book was a quick read, but packed soo much into the story. The Amish Outcast's Holiday Return is a book about Romance, Faith, Forgiveness and Second Chances. Ohhh, the Christmas spirit is very prevalent in this book also! FANTASTIC BOOK!  


Lacy Williams wishes her writing career was more like what you see on Hallmark movies: dreamy brainstorming from a French chateau or a few minutes at the computer in a million-dollar New York City penthouse. In reality, she’s up before the sun, putting words on the page before her kids wake up for the day. Those early-morning and late-night writing sessions add up, and Lacy has published fifty books in almost a decade, first with a big five publisher and then as an indie author. When she needs to refill the well, you can find Lacy birdwatching, gardening, biking with the kiddos, or walking the dog. Find tons of bonus scenes and reader extras by becoming a VIP reader at .


More from Lacy

The Best Part of a Barn Raising

Have you ever had your community rally around you? Maybe some of your friends threw you a baby shower. Maybe your church helped with a meal train when you were ill for a time. Maybe you played sports and raised money together as a team.


Has your community ever built you a house?


I’ve written lots of historical books. I’ve written a barn-raising or two into my books. Until I started researching for THE AMISH OUTCAST’S HOLIDAY RETURN, I didn’t realize that community “raising” events still happened in 2021. They do!


In some Amish communities, builders will gather all the materials for the house or barn and on (usually) a Saturday, the entire community will gather to build the whole structure. There’s a really cool timelapse of a barn raising on YouTube that you can check out.


I’ve always loved writing about these events because of the community aspect. We need human connection and there’s something special about having your community surround you and show their love in a tangible way. Imagine walking into your home that your friends built for you. Every time you walked over the threshold you could remember the friend who built the door frame. When it storms, you could appreciate the roof over your head that many friends helped stretch the frame for. What an amazing feeling of belonging.


Of course, barn raisings and house raisings wouldn’t be complete without the food. Typically, the women and girls put together a giant potluck for the men and boys who are doing the physical work of building the structure. Brainstorming for this always makes me remember church potlucks when I was a child. Our church met at the local 4-H building. We would stretch out folding tables and chairs in long rows. And the food. Pasta salad. Fried chicken. Chocolate cake!


(I also remember roller skating in the back of the massive building with my friends, but that is a whole other story…).


Memories and friendships are forged at church potlucks and barn raisings. And when you are on the inside, it creates a lovely sense of belonging. But the hero in THE AMISH OUTCAST’S HOLIDAY RETURN, Zach, is not on the inside. He’s an outsider who has come home and is searching for a place to belong. The barn raising/potluck is the moment when heroine Grace sees a hint of vulnerability in Zach—because he wants to belong. It changes everything in their new acquaintanceship.


Want to know more about this book? Check out the “read inside” feature and try Chapter One on your favorite retailer.

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