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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Fremont's Promise by Kathryn Spurgeon


Book:  Fremont’s Promise

Author: Kathryn Spurgeon

Genre: Historical

Release date: March 16, 2021


Every time Sibyl visits her mother, she’s criticized, shamed, and leaves in tears. The only thing that can calm her is Fremont’s assurance to move them to a place they can share their faith more freely. While her emotions bounce from frustration to despair, she holds on to the belief that God can help her family.

Fremont, a former hobo, promises to find  a better paying job and spirit his wife away from this unstable family. But only God can work that miracle.

If you love family sagas and drama based on true stories, you will love this book. The 1930s and 40s were a time of difficulty but hope carried them through.


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Kathryn Spurgeon is a great author. I have read a couple of her books. Fremont's Promise is her latest novel and I had the opportunity to read it recently. It is Book 3 in The Promise series. I have read Book 2 in this series and I have been looking forward to Book 3. 

Sibyl does not like visiting her mother as they have never had a good relationship. Her mother is very critical, shames Sibyl and makes Sibyl cry at each visit. Fremont, Sibyl's husband, has promised that he will move the Family far from her mother. Fremont is a former Hobo and he has struggled with finding a good job to help his family. Sibyl and Fremont want to move to an area where they can freely share their faith, as well as be far from Sibyl's mom. They have a strong faith and realize that a Miracle from God is going to be needed for them to accomplish their goals. Will Fremont be able to find a job that provides for his family? Will they move far from Sibyl's mother and away from the criticism? Will they get their Miracle from God? 

WOW, I can so relate to Sibyl and the situation with her mother. I was drawn in because of that storyline. I have the same type of relationship with my Mother and a couple years ago I was able to move further away from my Mom and she has other Caregivers now. I felt so sad for Sibyl as I have been there before. Fremont is a man who wants the BEST for his family, but the times of 1930's and 40's were times of struggles for many. I LOVE how they rely on their faith and keep praying that God will provide above and beyond! I did not put this book down until I was done and I finished within 3 hours because I was so focused! FABULOUS BOOK!!  

Kathryn Spurgeon writes FAITH STORIES FROM THE PAST or Christian historical novels with a focus on 1930s America using true events and actual locations. Award winning author, she won Illumination Award, She studied creative writing at the University of Central Oklahoma and has spoken at many women’s conferences around the world. She grew up on a farm in Oklahoma before moving to South Korea and adopting two daughters. Kathryn and her husband, Bill, have six children and thirteen grandchildren.


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The tumultuous times of the 1930s and 40s are amazingly similar to the difficulties we face today. Read how God guided this prominent family toward greater strength and dependence on him. Based on a true story, this compelling novel is taken from handwritten biographies, personal interviews, and family research.

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