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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Lassoed by the Lawman by Renae Brumbaugh Green

Book:  Lassoed by the Lawman

Author: Renae Brumbaugh Green

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: May 4, 2021

Juliana Duke has always dreamed of owning a dress shop.

But as the only child of Oscar and Maria Duke and heiress of the vast Duke Ranch, her job is to marry a rancher and produce a male heir. When Lt. Cody Steves rides onto the scene, her resolve to place duty over daydreams is shaken. Now that her heart’s been lassoed by the handsome lawman, will she be able to love another?

Cody Steves wants marriage and family, but he loves being a Texas Ranger. At any time, he could ride into a job and not come out alive. How could any decent man marry, knowing he could leave a widow and orphans behind? But the beautiful Juliana Duke captures him in a way no other has. When this job is over, can he ride away with his heart intact?

When he learns of a secret plot to take over the Duke Ranch, Cody must risk everything to save Juliana. Little does he know, the outcome will be nothing like he’s planned or imagined.


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Christian Historical Fiction is a favorite genre of mine. Mix in some Western genre and the book is a must read for me. Lassoed by the Lawman by Renae Brumbaugh Green is the 3rd and final book in The Texas Ranger series. I have not read the first 2 in the series, but I was able to jump in an follow the storyline very well. 

Juliana Duke loves dresses and has dreamed of owning a Dress Shop. Her dream will probably always stay a dream, as she is an only child. Her family owns a ranch and she is supposed to marry a Rancher and hopefully have a son who would eventually take over the Family Ranch. Lt. Cody Steves, who is a Texas Ranger, has a chance meeting with Juliana Duke. Cody Steves has dreams of marriage and a family, as he continues to work as a Texas Ranger. He worries though about leaving a widow and children behind, as being a Ranger is a dangerous job. Cody and Juliana both are attracted to one another. Cody steps in to rescue Juliana when danger presents itself on the Ranch. Will Cody realize that love endures all and continue with a relationship with Juliana? Will Juliana find her "Rancher" that will create a family and future Ranchers for the Family Ranch? Will Cody choose being a Ranger over being a Rancher? 

I truly enjoyed this story. The setting of Texas, the Romance, the Inspirational Bible Scriptures, the Mystery all make it a wonderful read. The Characters Juliana and Cody both have great personalities and their dreams and wants in life are similar, but different. The author has a great writing style that brings the reader into the story from the very beginning! Though this is the 3rd book in the series, it reads great as a Standalone novel! Fantastic Book! 


Renae Brumbaugh Green is an ECPA Bestselling Author, award-winning humor columnist, and wannabe superhero. She lives in Texas with her handsome, country-boy husband, four nearly-perfect children and one nearly-perfect son-in-law, and far too many animals. When she’s not writing, Renae teaches online classes and tries to be rugged without chipping her nail polish.


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Lassoed by the Lawman is the third and final book in the Texas Rangers Series, and I honestly think it’s my favorite book of the series. The main characters, Juliana and Cody, are loosely based on me and my husband, Rick. We’re both creatives, we both love music, and we both try to balance our love for creativity with our need to actually make a living! Our shared love of music initially drew us to each other.

Like Cody, Rick is rugged and masculine, and he melted my heart the first time I heard him sing. As a matter of fact, during our courtship, we often wrote songs together. One of the songs Cody sings to Juliana in the book is actually a song Rick wrote for me. (Sigh.)

The attraction Cody and Juliana feel for each other is both white-hot and pure… the kind of passion God wants husbands and wives to experience. It’s the kind of passion Christ has for us, his bride. As I worked on these pages, I giggled at times, blushed at times, and grinned with mischief always.

Through hardship and heartache, Juliana and Cody find joy. And through hardship and heartache, God wants us to find joy, too…the joy of an abundant life in Christ. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. As a bonus, here’s a link to a song Rick and I wrote and recorded for each other. It’s not the song from the book, but it’s pretty special to us.

God bless, and happy reading!

—Renae Brumbaugh Green

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megana said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds perfect! I'm checking it out right now!

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of this story, this sounds like a must read for me

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This sounds like a fun story!

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I like historical books set in the old west.
Thanks for the contest.

Debbie P said... Best Blogger Tips

I like historical romance and this sounds like a really good read!

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