Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Manufacturer Warranties save money

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all are having a WONDERFULLY, BLESSED day! Jesus is the Reason for this day, but on Jesus's Birthday we are all blessed with gifts from one another!

The "Age of Technology", I am sure many received Electronics, Small Appliances, Large Appliances and more. I want to encourage EVERYONE to make sure you Register the product online, via email or via phone with the Manufacturer. I know I have disregarded those "slips" in the packaging before, but after this year I will NEVER again disregard them! Manufacturer Warranties saved us HUNDREDS of dollars this year in repair and/or replacement costs!

I have come to learn that things just don't last as long as they use to and Manufacturer "defects" are very common. Electronics(smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc) are not "CHEAP" to replace nor are appliances, toys and more. My boys and I all got tablets in March, hubby bought a Samsung Galaxy Note phone. My oldest son, Joshua, bought a Nintendo 3D Dsi XL in August. We immediately registered all the products online and it has "paid" off.

The boys all received a Lenovo A2107 Tablet in the Spring. The oldest son Josh, started having issues with the "battery" within a month. I called Lenovo after doing some research and discovering this was a common issue. The Customer Service Rep was able to find the information quickly and within 5 minutes we had instructions on how to ship back for repair. The instructions were emailed to us and from the day we shipped until the day we had it back was exactly 1 week! Our cost for the repair: $5.65 to ship it to them. Our cost for replacement would have been $150.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for myself in the Spring. The tablet did an automatic update to the Android system in early October. The update caused issues with turning the device off, it would not power down unless it was on the charger and the power button was being pressed hard. Samsung and Google were both aware of this issue and worked hard to get the update to fix the issue. A couple weeks ago the software update came through, but would not install. I took it to the Samsung store inside Best Buy and they tried to install the update, didn't work. He called it in and was told that the update was causing internal issues with the tablet. The tablet needed to be sent in for repairs. The information was found in the system with just my phone number. A repair slip was generated within 3 minutes and I even had the email with the shipping label even before I left the store. I shipped it out on 12/16 and I should have it back by 12/30. Cost to repair it: $0.00!! Manufacturer warranty covered it entirely!

My husband bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone in March and about 2 months ago he started having issues with the earpiece. He could hear people when it was on speaker phone or he had earbuds in, but not when he put the phone to his ear. He took it into Sprint only to find out he did not have insurance on the phone. I suggested to him to contact Samsung and see if they can help. He contacted them and they had do a few tests and resets to the phone but really didn't help him after that. I further suggested he contact Samsung Support via their Facebook page and they were EXTREMELY helpful. They created a repair slip and emailed him the shipping label and info within minutes. He shipped it out on 12/9 and Samsung did not receive it until 12/20 due to shipping delays via UPS. The GREAT news is that they completed the repair on 12/23 and he will have it returned on 12/26. They replaced the ear piece as it was defective. Cost of repair to us: $0.00. Cost of repair to Samsung: $150.

Nintendo has also been a superb company to work with. My oldest purchased a 3D DSI XL all on his own in August and he has had to send it in for repair 2x since then. His Dsi is currently en route to our home again. The most recent repair cost was $0.00 for us, $125 for Nintendo.

Small appliances are also another product that you want to register the product purchase online. I had purchased a Nesco Immersion Blender in November '12. I was using the blender in Sept '13 and the motor just stopped working. I called Nesco as soon as they opened the next day and they were extremely helpful. The Customer Service Rep found my info in about a minute and saw that my hand blender was still within warranty. She emailed the shipping info and instructions, I had it even before our conversation ended. I shipped the handle back to them and they replaced it with a new handle, all within a week time. Cost to us: $4.78 to ship it to Nesco. Cost to replace would have been $50.

I know stores sell "added insurance" for products, even for toasters, DVD players, Vacuums etc. The insurance through the store really isn't a wise buy, even if it seems like it at the point of purchase. Manufacturers usually have at least a 1yr warranty on their products and by registering your product they will be able to assist you that much faster when/if you call them. Did you buy the insurance?? Register with the manufacturer as added protection. Registering with the manufacturer is FREE all the time and takes very little time.

I am very glad that I registered my product purchases with the manufacturer and I know my bank account is very thankful also! I now have a system in place to help me during this process. I save the receipt in a separate envelope(most registrations need the info from the receipt). I register the product online as soon as I can or as I soon as I open the product. I use a standard 2 pocket folder to keep all paperwork together and phone number of the manufacturer, so that when the need arises I have all the info at hand.

A few minutes of your time will save you quite a bit of money if a repair or replacement comes up! Take care of those wonderful presents you received and make sure to register for the manufacturer warranty!

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