Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GoodBye 2013

WOW, I cannot believe another year has come to an end. I thought 2012 went by FAST, but 2013 really has 2012 beat.

2013 was an exhausting year, had a lot of "Stuff" going on and we were trying to recover from the busy year that 2012 dealt us. I must say that 2013 was a HEALTHY year for myself, my husband and my boys. I haven't had a HEALTHY year since 2009. PRAISE God for good health and being able to stay healthy and not too many Drs. Visits.

Our family started getting back into our routine this year, but more importantly we did a LOT of fun stuff this year. We were supposed to go away to a semi-local hotel for a couple of days in April, but the day we were leaving the Chicagoland area and the area we were heading to FLOODED. Heavy rains and flooding did not deter us though, I called a hotel only 20 minutes from us and we stayed there for 2 days. The boys enjoyed themselves and got to swim a lot. It was a relaxing, get away from home, family fun time. We also had a Family Fun day at Six Flags Great America. My boys and I had earned tickets through the Read to Succeed program. Hubby took the day off of work on July 22nd, and we headed out there. July 22nd is Nathan's B-day and we had a GREAT time! The boys are already asking when are we going back. We also visited Zoo, Museums, Downtown Chicago and more day trips.

2013 was an exhausting year until about May, but as the year continued on it became relaxing and fun! GOODBYE 2013!

A couple months ago I began thinking about 2014 and how I would like our schedule and routine to really get back on track. Chaos many times seems to snag our efforts to a Calm routine. I decided we needed to slow down and focus, LIGHTEN our Chaos. So LIGHTEN is my WORD for 2014!

We are going to focus on our family and only the 5 of us. LIGHTEN my load and slow down. I am a person who likes to do for others and it is hard for me to say NO, but I need to start saying NO to others and YES to what is happening in our household. We need to LIGHTEN our mouths and talk sweeter to one another. LIGHTEN my load by having the boys and my husband help me more within the household. I tend to do it all for everyone, but I can't keep doing it all. LIGHTEN our schedule so we can get our routine in full gear so that Chaos leaves us alone!

My blog has been SLOW for 2 years due to all the busy stuff in life, but my blog will be the only thing that won't be LIGHTEN. I will be picking up the pace on my blog and I have some exciting things I plan on doing in 2014!

I am looking forward to 2014: Slowing Down and Getting it DONE!

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