Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook 9/26

Outside my Window: The Sun is brightly shining and the temp is just PERFECT! Today might be one of the last "Sandal Days" for a long while.

I am thinking: My mind is running a mile a minute with many things on my mind!

I am THANKFUL: My dad is coming home from the Rehab Facility tomorrow. He has a diagnosis of his foot issue and will be treated at home now.

In the Kitchen: Tonight is AWANA night and we have dinner at church.  See the rest of our menu for the week: Menu for 9/23-9/29

I am wearing: A pair of cotton capris and a t-shirt. I be changing into jean capris and a nice shirt when I go out later.

I am creating: I am still working on our Fall Activities schedule and Family Activities.

I am going: We are going to church today. The boys and I will leave around 2pm and head to the Oak Park Library and then arrive at church by 3:30pm. I help with Dinner Prep and the boys relax with library materials. Hubby will meet us at church after work.

I am wondering: Why so many people are judgemental of others and they really don't know the whole story/situation!? I think this is a very sad thing about our society nowadays. Too many are thinking they are better then others and are judgemental!

I am reading: I have a stack of books from the library and have been diving into them quite a bit lately! LOVE READING!

I am hoping: Our family can really get into a routine and really, truly stick to it for once!

I am looking forward to: Bringing my dad home tomorrow and having him get his foot healed at home!

I am learning: This week is a "wash" for academics. We have lots going on over the next couple of days and we are doing "service to others" this week and will begin our academics again next week.

Around the house: Laundry will be this weekend. I LOVE apartment living because there isn't much to do on a daily basis, especially since it has been being kept up since a major declutter a month ago.

I am pondering: The fact that it has been 3 weeks since immaturity distanced a VERY VERY close family member from me. I am not going to apologize for my parenting choices and I forsee the distance continuing until the other person realizes that they are not my "boss" and have no authority over me or how I raise my children!

A Favorite Quote for Today: PLAY is the highest form of RESEARCH. - Albert Einstein

One of my Favorite Things: HootSuite  HootSuite a 3rd party Social Media app. It allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter and a few other Social Media apps all from their app. I love that they have a Desktop, Mobile App, Web based, and Google Chrome extension. I am able to access HootSuite no matter where I am at via the internet or mobile phone! GREAT, EASY way to stay connected!

A few plans for the rest of the Week: Tomorrow the boys and I are picking up my dad from the Rehab Facility and taking him HOME. We are then going to the Museum of Science and Industry for awhile so my dad can rest. We will head back to my parents house and wait for my hubby. He and the boys are going to the White Sox game tomorrow night. The Ball Park is only 4 blocks from my parents place. Friday morning I have to get my dad to dialysis by 4:30am. The boys have flu shot appointments at 9:30am. We are then going "Thrifty shopping" for winter clothes for them. Saturday is a "RELAXATION" day for me and the boys. Sunday church and Lesson Planning day!

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dtbrents said... Best Blogger Tips

I pray your Dad will be ok soon. I think our world is too judgemental also. It's really sad. I have been trying to catch myself before I make comments about people. Your cat picture is great. I'm a new follower on your blog and Twitter. I don't really understand the pin thing yet. Doylene

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