Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook 9/18

Outside my Window: Cars are zooming past on the road! The Sun is BRIGHTLY shining and we are having a "cool, crisp" day! The high temp is only going to be 60° today! WOW!

I am thinking: How wonderful it will be to get my laptop back up and running. I have to order the recovery discs from Toshiba and then I can get it up and running well again! It has been "out of commision" for almost 6 weeks. The screen was smashed and had to be replaced. The screen is replaced but the hard drive also got fried during the smash, so a new hard drive is in. The new hard drive is only Vista and my laptop had Windows 7. I have only had the laptop for 18 months and I really use it a lot, especially for homeschool planning.

I am THANKFUL: The Kidney Stone that actually passed on Friday. It passed at 3 weeks, almost to the minute, from when it all began. Very painful experience so I am glad it is all over!

In the Kitchen: Tonight is “Taco Tuesday”. See the rest of our menu for the week: Menu for 9/16-9/22

I am wearing: A pair of cotton capris and a t-shirt. My "relaxing, indoor" clothes.

I am creating: I am working on a schedule of Fall Activities and Family Fun Fall Activities for our family. Hope to get some things planned out this week so we can enjoy Fall!

I am going: I have to go down to my parents place later today to fill in for my dad at his Tuesday night job. He works at a local neighborhood paper and is in charge of making sure his delivery staff is getting out on the streets for delivery. It is for a few hours!

I am wondering: About my dad coming home from the Rehab facility. He has been in for a month again, but this time he has a diagnosis and treatment plan for his foot issue. Hoping he is home soon!

I am reading: I have a stack of books from the library! I had to renew the whole stack and I am now getting the chance to get some reading done!

I am hoping: I am able to get some clothes shopping done for my boys in the next couple of weeks. I went to the Thrift store last week and got 22 items for $32, but that is just the start of what they need for fall/winter!

I am looking forward to: A wonderful weekend ahead and having fun with family and friends.

I am learning: Our regular homeschool studies! I will post a weekly schedule next week on my blog!

Around the house: Have to do a load of laundry and general pick up. I really like living in an apartment as it really cuts down on clean up time!

I am pondering: The fact that I have been standing up for myself more and more lately and not allowing others to "bully" me and treat me like a child. I am a 40yr old woman with a family and I need to make sure that my life viewpoints are validated just as much as I validate others!

A Favorite Quote for Today: "I am who I am by the Grace of God so don't try to change me, for I am who God wants me to be! Not who you think I should be!"  Author Unknown

One of my Favorite Things: Scribd:   Why I LOVE Scribd

A few plans for the rest of the Week: Wednesday is AWANA. The boys and I LOVE our Wednesday afternoon routine. Thursday is "Stay at Home" day. Friday I have my 40yr Check Up. I have some questions and issues I want to bring up to the Dr. Praying for a good visit. Saturday we have a Family Party to go to. Looking forward to that as it is a Pig Roast. Sunday is Church and Lesson Planning day.

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