Thursday, April 21, 2011

YEAH! Today was "Box Day"

I love seeing the "Brown Truck" pull up with a box of curriculum! I got that joy today as I ordered some thing earlier in the week.

This year has been a rough year because of "lack of funds" to purchase what I really wanted and the boys needed to be using. I did purchase and we have been using Mystery of History Volume 1, but I think only my oldest has been "getting it". We have used online resources and printables and library books, many of which I talked about FREE Homeschool Resources. Lesson Pathways is my favorite online resource to use to plan our school day. It has been such an awesome blessing during this time when "lack of funds" was an issue. I have also been very blessed to be a part of TOS Homeschool Crew this year and have received many great products that have been very helpful in our school year.

We were very blessed to receive our Tax Refund a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to placing the order for some curriculum and books. I knew what I wanted to get and what the boys were needing, so I finally placed the order Monday and received it today.

First of all I ordered a Download copy of Illuminations from Bright Ideas Press. It is a program that goes with Mystery of History. It is basically the Lesson plans laid out for the year and the other subjects are laid out also  with the recommendation that Illuminations suggest. It is totally customizable and families can use other curriculum then what is suggested. Check out the great FAQ videos about the program!  You can also read some reviews about the program from TOS Homeschool Review Crew.

Here is a screen shot from my computer:

I also placed an order through Rainbow Resource.  Rainbow Resource is an awesome "one stop shopping" website for everything homeschool. I was able to get the books I needed at a discount price through them rather then buying at 4 different sites.

My Rainbow Resource Order:

I purchased:
For Joshua: Horizon Math 3  and Easy Grammar 3  
For Nathan:  All About Spelling
For all the boys: Getty Dubay Book B and Getty Dubay Book C

A veteran homeschooling friend of mine showed me a technique to use so that the Getty Dubay books are not just used by one student. It does not go against the copyright use for the book! I also supplement the books with Getty Dubay printables from Guest Hollow.

We are going to begin using some of our "new" stuff Monday. The boys are really excited and I am super excited. The boys actually wanted to use it all at 4pm this afternoon when the shipment arrived.

I will be going to the Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention June 2-4th and I have more items to purchase from the Vendor Hall. I also have a couple more online orders to do before September, but it wasn't anything that was needed now. Some I have decided on, others I am still trying to make a decision about.

Box Day is so much fun! I am also looking forward to purchasing some things at Convention!!

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Trophy and Barb said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY! Love "box day." Funny how they can't wait to get started with the stuff.

Renee said... Best Blogger Tips

New school books are so fun! Thanks for sharing!

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