Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Night Pizza Night

My favorite day of the week is Friday night!! Good family shows are on and it is Friday Night Pizza Night in our house!

Our Family has a tradition of making Pizza every Friday night. The boys get upset if we don't have our traditional Friday night Pizza Night. We make this as "meals for families" also because it is something different from the 'casseroles and meals" normally given. Last summer DH decided to take pics as he was going along making the pizza. I put together a slideshow of those pics. (the pics were taken with a cell phone, so not too clear)

We have been making Pizza on Friday nights for 3 yrs now. We have tried many different Italian Sausages, different sauces and cheeses and  we finally found the "perfect recipe" about a year ago!! 

We begin by making our dough in the bread machine using this recipe: Bread Machine Pizza Dough The only change is we had some fresh garlic using a garlic press. It tastes so awesome and acts as a dough enhancer. We double the recipe so we can make 2 pizzas. 

The other list of ingredients include:
Italian Sausage from Super Tony's (I stock up when it is on sale for $1.99/lb)
Ragu Pizza Sauce (we buy a can for $3.89 at Sam's Club and it last 6 weeks)
3 bricks of Mozzarella Cheese from Aldi's ($1.79 per brick it melts the best and tastes great. tried many other cheeses and this is the best)
Pepperoni from Aldi's $1.99. 

I begin the Pizza Dough each Friday and then DH does the rest! Here are the pics of our Pizza Making:


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Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

Now that is my kind of pizza!! Lots of pepperoni!!!

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