Sunday, May 19, 2024

Front Gate Media Blog Tour: But God Can: How to Stop Striving and Live Purposefully and Abundantly by Becky Kiser

Tired of trying to be enough? The truth is you were never meant to be, no matter what culture might tell you.

Christian women today are bombarded with confusing messaging–they are supposed to do and be it all but also die to themselves. They are supposed to believe that women can do anything and also surrender everything to God. Adding to that pressure, many women feel stuck in their current reality–spinning on the hamster wheel of life. They scroll past images that tell them everyone else has it together and is experiencing a purpose-filled, adventurous, fun, loving, and God-honoring life. Overwhelmed and at a loss, most women go one of two places: defeat or self-help empowerment, even Christian self-help.

In Becky Kiser's But God Can, women realize this truth: on their own, she was never meant to be enough—that is the gospel message, that is why Jesus came. But God Can get her unstuck and find a purpose she has never known! She will identify the lies she's internalized, replace those with new truths, and find freedom through realistic, practical, and life-changing strategies.

Becky Kiser will use her foundation as a Bible teacher and unique skills as a life coach to take women on a journey to

  • find freedom from lies as she changes how she thinks,
  • identify what God says is actually true,
  • remember that God is more than capable of doing anything,
  • discover how He has uniquely created her, and
  • propel her into the abundant life of deep purpose.

But God Can will show you that you don't have to be enough because God is more than enough! On your own, you can't, but God totally can!

Becky Kiser is tenacious in her intent to help women love God, themselves, and others. She is a life and small business coach, helping women identify and surpass their goals. Becky is an authentic and passionate speaker at Christian women’s events and retreats, as well as in prisons and in Africa. She hosts the Hearers & Doers with Becky Kiser podcast, interviewing new and old friends and sharing one-on-one coaching sessions with her listeners. Becky cofounded Online Women’s Ministries, which hosts Online Women’s Bible Study, Online Women’s Retreat, and more coming soon! Becky is the author of Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus (B&H Publishing, 2019), and But God Can: How to Stop Striving and Live Purposefully and Abundantly (W Publishing/HarperCollins, 2024). She has also self-published Advent and Lent Bible studies. Becky and her husband, Chris, live in The Woodlands, Texas, with their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler.

I really enjoy Christian Living Books are they are encouraging and helpful for my Spiritual Journey. But God Can: How to Stop Striving and Live Purposefully and Abundantly by Becky Kiser is the latest book in this genre that I have read. 

WOW, this book really HIT me in a GREAT WAY! I am the type of person who wants to "DO IT ALL" and always on the go to get things done. I know I get overwhelmed and exhausted, but I continue on. I sometimes do this out of "Trying to Prove Myself". Becky Kiser has written this book to let us women know that we don't have to do it ALL, GOD CAN and WILL help us to do it. I really like the layout of this book. The book is divided into 3 parts: Forget the Former Things, Let God Do a New Thing and Finding Your Way in Your Wilderness. At the end of each chapter are  A Prayer, Questions for Reflection, and "Hearers and Doers" challenge. I really LOVE when a book has actions at the end of each chapter, as it really helps me reflect and dig deeper into self reflection. This book really helped me see that I AM ENOUGH and that my worth doesn't come from being "overwhelmed and doing it all", but my Worth is found in Jesus!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to any Woman who needs in encouragement that they ARE ENOUGH and GOD CAN help us get through life without us doing it all! GREAT BOOK!

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