Saturday, December 10, 2022

Momentum Influencers: 5000 Blankets Movie Review and Giveaway

Inspired by a remarkable true story, 5000 BLANKETS is filled with hope and highlights the power of family and faith. When her husband has a mental breakdown and goes missing, a woman and her young son set out to find him on the streets, sparking a movement of compassion towards those in need and inspiring a city.

I can honestly say that this movie made me cry! I am not one to watch movies and cry, but I cried while watching this movie. I LOVE how this Movie tackles 2 major topics: Mental Health and Giving Back to the Community. 

Our Family LOVES to Volunteer and give to others. We feel blessed and have been blessed by others many times over, that we choose to give back. We volunteer at Church, we volunteer for Food Pantry days, and we also volunteer for Veteran Organizations. I LOVE how this boy saw a need for the Homeless and he and his Mom took action and collected blankets to be given out to the Homeless. Our Family also has experienced Mental Health issues and I know that Mental Health Issues can tear a family apart or build them up. I LOVE how the Mom and Son did everything they could to help their Husband/Dad through his Mental Health issues and his breakdown. 

5000 Blankets is a Family Friendly Movie and is only in theatres for 2 Days, December 12th and 13th. I HIGHLY recommend this movie. It is a movie about Compassion, Family, Giving Back, Community Service, and Mental Health issues. Bring some Kleenex with you to the Movies, you just might need it! FANTASTIC MOVIE! 

• You don't want to miss this heartwarming story coming to theaters on December 12 and 13. Get your tickets today!
• Moms, this is a movie you won’t want to miss! Take your family to see this film, and
be inspired to serve your community like this real-life mother/son did!
• It's incredible what can happen when you transform your heart to serve the people
around you. Catch 5000 BLANKETS exclusively in theaters for two days only! December 12 & 13.
• Phillip’s Wish is an organization that was founded by a little boy who saw a need in
the world and decided to do something about it. Watch 5,000 Blankets, the film inspired by the incredible true story, exclusively in theaters for two nights only on December 12 & 13.
• "Mommy,” he said. “Are you warm?” “Yes, baby, I'm warm.” “Is Daddy warm?” he
asked. And then the then 7-year-old son asked about everyone else – the people on
the street and in the shelters. His mom told him the truth: “No, not everyone is

Learn More about the Movie here: 5000 Blankets

Buy Tickets HERE

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Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Our community has food donation boxes throughout town and we just took food to it today.

bellagirl07 said... Best Blogger Tips

We volunteer and giveback to our community. We also donate to shelters and also animal shelters.
heather hgtempaddy

Shelly Peterson said... Best Blogger Tips

We donate a lot in our community

Jessica Beard said... Best Blogger Tips

We adopt families for Christmas and help out in any way we can throughout the year!

marisela zuniga said... Best Blogger Tips

We donate when we can but haven't volunteered

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