Thursday, November 15, 2018

Read with Audra Blog Tour: Into the Deep by Lauren Gaskill

About the Book: 

Develop enduring faith for the turbulent waters of life.

Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel that we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters.
Into the Deep is an invitation to dive headfirst into a life of courageous faith. With endearing warmth and authenticity, Lauren Gaskill shares how she and others have learned to swim with Jesus in the deep waters of life—facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, and chronic illness—only to discover a more authentic, enduring faith that cannot be shaken by circumstances. In addition to examining the character of God and the lives of women and men of the Bible who chose to dive deeper with God, she provides practical examples and tools that help us take our faith to the next level by learning to make decisions by faith alone, control our reactions to overwhelming situations, and live a life rooted in love.

Get ready to exchange fear and frustration for the boldness, courage, and holy confidence that lead to a life of deep faith and joy!

About the Author:

Lauren Gaskill is an author, speaker and host of the Finding Joy podcast and Finding Joy Ladies Night Out events. After being diagnosed with an incurable connective tissue disorder, Lauren made it her life mission to encourage others to fight for faith and find joy — no matter what life’s circumstances might bring.

Gaskill is a storyteller who believes stories are powerful and loves how God uses them for His good. She writes and speaks to motivate and inspire others to experience abundant life in Christ. She is particularly passionate about encouraging women to fight for faith and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Gaskill also writes and speaks about what it looks like to walk with Jesus through pain and suffering.

She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

My Thoughts and Review: 

I was intrigued by the title of this book, as sometimes I really need to "go deep" into my faith to get uplifted. Life brings us Trials and Tribulations and we can choose to grab onto to our faith and trust Jesus to bring us out of our Trials and Tribulations.

Lauren Gaskill shares her personal struggles and and how she overcame and what she learned along the way. Lauren is very open about her struggles. The book is filled with wisdom on overcoming struggles in life and relying on God during these times. I really appreciate the "Questions for Reflections" at the end of each chapter.

GREAT book for all times of life, but especially for those who really need to "go deep" into their faith!

Book Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Does this sound like something you need for your life? 
Check out Chapter 1 of the book: 


Where to find Lauren Gaskill online: 

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