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E-Book Review: Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas by Candy Foote

I am a frugal girl at heart and LOVE a good deal! The one time of year that I can't get control of and be frugal with is Christmas Shopping. I actually loathe Christmas Shopping, my favorite shopping season is actually Back to School Shopping. Every year I tell myself "You can do better next year, be more organized and not be part of the "last minute shopping crowd". I have never succeeded, including Christmas 2013.

I have had the opportunity, over the last 3 weeks, to be a part of a Team to help promote the release of a GREAT e-book by Candy Foote-Christmas with Strategic Shopping The Twelve Months of Christmas. I was just telling my hubby during Christmas Shopping season that I really need to find some hints and tips on better shopping for Christmas. Well, this was the answer to my prayers/thoughts.

About the Book: 

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year.  It's also the most stressful time of the year! Decorating, baking, parties, and gift buying all stuffed into the month of December can burden down the best of us!

Candy Foote is a  mother of 12 who loves to overdo at the holidays!  She loves to go all out on all of it, especially the gift giving!So, how does she manage to do it without having to spend the next five months of the new year paying for all of it? Sadly, many Americans actually do spend January through May trying to pay off Christmas debt!

Candy's newest book --  Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas -- shows you month-by-month how you can prepare for the holidays, taking the stress out of Christmas and making room for you to actually enjoy the holidays with your family.

Christmas with Strategic Shopping lists exactly what you should be buying each month.  It teaches that stores have a specific time where they mark just about everything in the store down to a rock-bottom price.

This book will bring you into the life of a mega family's celebration of Christmas. You can apply these principles into your own holiday celebration.

Don't panic – it doesn't require you to have twelve children in order to apply these techniques!

I had just come up with a plan to start a Christmas Club account in March(YES these still exist at Credit Unions), when we receive our Tax Refund. I figured that if we start with $500 in March and then have $25 from Hubby's paycheck 2x a month, we could have about $1,000 by November when the check is disbursed. We may not be doing that now that I have read through Christmas with Strategic Shopping-The Twelves Months of Christmas.

Candy Foote showed me how to shop and what to shop for all 12 months of the year to prepare for Christmas. I was "smacking my head" as I was reading some of the lists, as the lists completely make sense and are wise! I LOVE the "Christmas at the Foote House" stories woven into each section, the glimspe at how others celebrate is wonderful. I really thought that I wasn't going to learn new info, but I was so WRONG! I gleaned so much from this ebook and I am excited to get started on my Christmas Shopping for 2014. I know I will be able to add people to my Christmas List and have a BLESSED Christmas in 2014 with all that I learned from this e-book!

About the Author:

Candy Foote is a Christian, wife to one, momma to 12, and grandmother to 4, so far (Number 5 is due in May!)  She is a homeschool veteran of 21 years.  As a homeschooling mother of a mega family, Candy has learned many Strategic Shopping tips that have allowed her to stay at home while her husband, Jud, was the only breadwinner of the family.

Candy runs a website filled with free information on how you can become a Strategic Shopper.  She also enjoys going into people's homes and teaching them through her Strategic Shopping workshops.

Candy considers it her ministry to help other families learn how to live a quality life, while keeping money in their pockets.

Additionally, Candy has a second book Strategic Shopping. Strategic Shopping teaches you how to shop both using coupons and without coupons. The e-book shows you how to SAVE BIG at the stores. 30 chapters long and filled with GREAT info!

More Info on the Book:
Christmas with Strategic Shopping-The Twelves Months of Christmas is only $3.99
Strategic Shopping is normally $10.00
Buy both and save: $10.98 (regular price)

Click on the Book Covers to Purchase the books:

Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas
                         Strategic Shopping:

Strategic Shopping Ebook Bundle

Where to Find Candy Foote online:

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