Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mosaic Review: iTooch App

My 3 boys all have Android Based Tablets that they really enjoy.  I have found it difficult to find Educational Apps that are geared toward their age. I was introduced last week to a company that has a nice selection of a apps for their age group. iTooch by Edupad has now released their apps on Android and we had the opportunity to use and reveiw as part of my participation for Mosaic Review Team.

About iTooch:

“eduPad is a French based start-up developing great applications for education on mobile devices from Elementary to Middle School.  We also work on the eduPad Studio, a cross-platform solution that enables 3rd parties with educational content to easily publish mobile apps. Tablets and smartphones are changing the way we learn. They are intuitive and have  the ability to eliminate the barriers between school and home, work and personal life, play and study.” (The Founders Words)

The app is available for Apple, Windows and now Android products. EduPad just released the Android version in August and it is growing!

Cost: The Basic "Trial" version is FREE and then full versions are $4.99 and up depending on the Platform and Level.

Features: iTooch has an amazing amount of WONDERFUL Features. Check them out HERE.

Where to find iTooch on the Web: 

Our Thoughts and Review: 

We downloaded the FREE version of Science Grade 3 on my 8yr old son's  Android Table for my 8yr old and 10yr old to use. Both of the boys really enjoyed the app very much. They both liked that it is more of a "game" then learning. The points and leveling up and getting bonus points were fun for them. The app was very easy to navigate, the "Characters" were entertaining and the overall look and feel of the app was clear and concise. Both of my boys have asked for more of the subjects to added on to their tablets(each of my boys has their own Android Tablet).

I think this is a great app for supplementing, for "school on the road", or just for fun. My boys will continue to use the App!


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