Monday, August 12, 2013

Philosophy Adventure: Full Review and MEGA Giveaway

DO YOU NEED to teach advanced writing and speaking skills?
DO YOU WANT your students equipped to discern truth as ungodly messages bombard them?
DO YOU WONDER how to cover all they need academically as well as practically?
Philosophy Adventure may be your solution!

I told you about a GREAT, new product for Homeschoolers a couple months ago, Philosophy Adventures, and promised a Full review later. I have had the pleasure of using the materials over the summer with my oldest, who is a 6th grader.

I personally was a little "lost" in the beginning as the curriculum is VERY through and Philosophy is not something that has ever "intrigued' me. I did however begin to "grasp it" as we began to dive into the program. My 6th grader, however, LOVES Philosophy and had been "diving" into books of the unknown from the library. I knew upon hearing about this curriculum that being a part of the launch team was something that would be helpful for both my son and myself.

Things I LOVE about the Philosophy Adventures: 

1. The Biblical View of Philosophy Adventures. Stacy Ferrell really did her research and the fruits are seen in how Biblically sound this curriculum is.

2. The Layout and Ease of use of the Philosophy Adventures. The Reader is color coded for the Write, Think and Speak sections. The color coding really makes it easy to make sure you are doing the correct section for the day.

3. The Flexibility of the program allows you to use the program and make adjustments to fit your family schedule or needs.

4. The curriculum covers many different subject matter(History, Critical Thinking, Writing Skills, Speaking Skills and much more) and can be used as a CORE curriculum or as a supplement to the curriculum your family uses.

5. My son is excited about the curriculum and looks forward to studying Philosophy in a Biblical Worldview.

6. The Student Workbook and Teacher Resources book are LOADED with Valuable resources. The resources and printables contained in the both of these books are AMAZING and really aim to make the "Teachers" job simple.

My son and I have had a wonderful time learning about a few of  8 Philosophers in Philosophy Adventure. We are going to continue on and add this to our 2013-2014 School Year. He is very much looking forward to doing some of the work independently, as the format of Philosophy Adventure allows for some Independent work!

A slideshow about the Program: 

A fun video:

Philosophy Adventure—Pre-Socratics is now available for Purchase in a variety of Formats and geared towards 6th-12th Grades:

Spiral Bound Physical Set: $89.95

Reader with Resources CD: $69.95

Digital Edition of Reader and All Resources on CD: $49.95 (Full Color)

Digital Download: $39.95 (Full Color)

Check out the Sample Pages:  HERE

Now for some AWESOME news. Home School Adventure Co. is hosting a MEGA Giveaway to celebrate the release of Philosophy Adventure Pre-Socratics! The Giveaway runs through August 31st, so there is plenty of time to enter. Check out the Giveaway below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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