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Mosaic Reviews: Saving Memories Forever App

The old saying "A Picture is worth a Thousands Words" is used often.  I LOVE picture taking and there are treasures in pictures. I also believe that WORDS really have an expression and value.

I remember enjoying listening to my grandparents, especially my grandpas, tell me stories of their childhood. I know most people are "bored" with those types of stories, but I truly enjoyed them. I sometimes thought after the fact: "ohh I wish I would have recorded that story"! When I was a little girl though it would meant prior planning to have a "Tape Recorder" on hand(YES I said "Tape Recorder" LOL) and back then those were pretty cumbersome to carry around. I have some of those words and memories etched in my mind, but to have those words recorded would have been PRICELESS. I only have 1 grandparent still with us, so I can't capture many of those words anymore. I do have a few "Storytelling" relatives and such that are around but the wisdom and stories from Grandpas is just PRICELESS.

Do you have an interest in capturing some Memories or stories from parents or grandparents? Do you children have an interest in talking to and recording the stories their grandparents or other relatives may have? Do you have an interest in family Genealogy?  Well I would like to introduce you to an App I was recently introduced to. Saving Memories Forever is an App for both iphone and Android devices.

I received a subscription to Saving Memories Forever as part of my participation in the Mosaic Reviews program. I downloaded the App to my Android Phone via the Google Play Store. I also checked out the website for all the info and fun stuff. I was then ready to "Try it out". (I wanted to use this app with my parents, but my dad has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times over the last couple of months, so they have been busy)

I opened the app on my Android Phone and it was giving me an Error Message of "Restart Required" An application Restart if Required"  I had to press continue 2-3 times before I would get to the Start page. I got to the Start page and added myself as a "StoryTeller" and tried to upload an image of myself to no avail. I never was able to get an image of myself uploaded. I continued through to the Category page. I was able to choose an Age Level which bought me to the "Select a Question" page. I choose the Question I wanted to "answer" and it bought me through to the "RECORD" page. Here is where it would allow the recording to happen. I did a recording and tried to listen back on my phone, but the phone didn't have any sound playing. I know it was the app as my phone sound was up and was working. I then selected "upload" and the recording was uploaded to the Saving Memories Forever Website. I was able to listen back to the recording on the website with ease! I did a couple of the "questions" and had no diffuculty in using the app and uploading to the website to listen back. I really LOVED the ease of use and capibility of this App.

Some of the features that I really enjoyed:
  • The affordibility of the app. There are both FREE and Premium Versions 
  • The layout and screen to screen movement
  • The lists of Questions in each age catergory
  • The Recorder is very easy to use, even for all my boys (8-11)
  • The Ease of Uploading and Speed of upload from phone to website
  • The upload is confirmed via email to the email associated with account
  • The Helpful Tips section on the Phone App
  • The usefulness for not only "Family History" but Special Events like Graduations, Weddings, Family Reunions and more. 

Some of the Android features that need improvement:
  • The constant "RESTART REQUIRED" error message
  • The info at bottom of screen for "My Acccount", "Helpful Tips" and more are overlapping
  • The ability to upload an image 

More about the App: 
Saving Memories Forever is a VERY useful and wonderful app! The app was created by a Husband and Wife Team, Harvey and Janis Baker. You can learn more about them and why they created this app HERE.

Do you have an iphone or Android Smartphone? Are you interested in capturing the Family stories and Memories? You can download this app from iTunes or Google Play Store. The app itself is FREE to download. You can choose to stick with the FREE version or upgrade to Premium Version. The Premium Version is $3.99/month or $40 per yr. There are a few benefits of using the Premium over the FREE version. Check out this info page for the comparison of the 2 versions. Check out the "How it Works" page for detailed info of the Apps and also How to Manuals.

Places to find Saving Memories on the Web:
Google Play Store

I give Saving Memories Forever 4.5 out of 5 Stars. I could have given it 5 stars, but the Android app needs some improvements, in my personal opinion. I know I have had fun using this app and I am looking forward to using more in the future!

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