Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gabby Moms Review: Helping Hands at Home by Lorrie Flem

Do you ever feel like you need an "instruction manual" to be able to teach your kids how to do certain chores properly?? I know I certainly have because boys are so much harder to train to do chores. I was so excited that I was able to read, "put to the test" and review a wonderful ebook for Kindle by Lorrie Flem: Helping Hands at Home. The Kindle ebook is a 21 page, step by step guide for motivating and teaching your children how to clean the kitchen and bathroom.

I have always had the belief that children need to be trained how to properly do chores, not because "mommy's way is better", but it is one of the first opportunities for "job training". Performing a job correctly requires training and I believe "chores" are a very good beginning for teaching and training. Cleaning is not something that is "born" in you, it is something that has to be taught, even the small thing as using a broom and sweeping. I admittedly hadn't started training my boys to do the kitchen or bath, because it is so hard to get through to them about picking up their room. I was excited for this ebook as it really gave me hope!

I really like how Lorrie begins the book by saying Step 1 is motivation! We need to give our kids "Good motivation" and not in the way of rewards and bribery, but positive words that encourage them that they can do this. I also like that Lorrie gives us parents "motivation" and show us how this training works to our advantage by the time it saves us. Another section of the book that I loved was all the homemade cleaning products recipes. I have a few that I already use, but I found it helpful for those to be in the book. The entire guide is very easy to follow, wonderfully laid out and "to the point". My boys and I followed the guide and my boys are now "trained and ready" for helping in the home!

Are you interested yet?? You can get this book for Kindle for just .99¢: Amazon Kindle . The great thing is you don't have to own a kindle to get the ebook, you can download the FREE kindle apps to your phone, laptop or computer as I have done! A wonderful book at a budget friendly price!!

I also encourage you to check out Lorrie's website: Eternal Encouragement. You can get a FREE digital subscription of her amazing magazine and check out all the amazing products Lorrie has!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this ebook as part of my participation in the Gabby Moms Program. I was only required to give an honest review. I received no other compsensation and all opinions are my own. 

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Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I like how you pointed out that training at home in chores is the first step to job training. I never really thought of that, but it is so true!

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