Monday, December 31, 2012

My Crazy Busy Life: Goodbye 2012

WOW, this year has certainly gone by SUPER FAST! I myself didn't really get to "Enjoy" this year as I have been EXTREMELY busy this year.

2012 started off great, we were in our normal routine. I have Vein Surgery on March 9th to help relieve the pain from the Superficial Phlebitis I had been suffering from for almost 2yrs. The surgery was very easy, even under Local Anesthesia and barely any pain killers. I was pain free and no swelling for a few months. I was a very happy camper.

Our family continued to follow our normal routine until Mid-May. Mid-May my mom had foot surgery and then a week later my dad ended up in the hospital and then Rehab/Nursing Home for a foot issue. This is when things got super busy and haven't slowed down. The boys and I become the "Drivers" for getting my mom back and forth to Dr. appointments, grocery shopping and more. My dad stayed in the Rehab until late July, so I was also going back and forth to the Rehab for visits, laundry help, and more. My dad was home from Rehab for a couple of weeks, only to have his foot problem get worse and he returned to Rehab. The Rehab center bought in a Podiatrist who took one look at my dad's foot and diagnosed the problem. He stayed at Rehab until late September and came home. This is when life got REALLY BUSY! He can't drive at this time because his foot is in a cast, but he needs to get to Dialysis 3x a week. I have been getting up at 3am, picking him up at 3:45am, dropping him off by 4:30am and getting back home by 5am. My brother was picking him in the beginning, but for the past 5 weeks or so hasn't been able to do pickups as he is now working. So now I do drop off and my boys and I do pick up 3 days a week. I know children are supposed to take care of their parents when they are older(even though my parents are that "old").

I know this year has been a time of life lessons and helping others which is great for my boys, we are just TIRED! We have seen the inside of our van more then anything else this year! I know God puts us through "seasons" in our life and takes us off course for reasons only he knows. The boys and I have looking forward to a "new season" or even our "normal season" to hopefully return soon! I know God's plan will always come into plan before my own "desires and plans" and that has been proven this year!

My year in review update would usually include all the Family Fun activities we normally do like Park Days, Picnics/BBQ's, Library Days, exploring Chicago, and much more, but we haven't had time or energy to do much of anything this year. I am an AVID reader and I the only reading I did this year was reading the books for my Book Reviews that I do. I didn't do my usually Library visits for reading materials. I had set a book reading goal this year and came NOWHERE close to that goal. I have had no time for BLOGGING as you all can see from the "bareness" of the blog this year. I was just making my review deadlines. I have not had time to do weekly Menu Planning and get organized with our grocery shopping. I had begun to take part in a 36 in 366 challenge on a message board I am on, but had to "Abandon my List" because I just haven't had time and energy for accomplishing to much other then taking care of my parents. My boys are getting TIRED and BORED of being in the van so much. They are good sports most of the time, but as of December it has really "worn on them".

The one MAJOR thing that I did accomplish for me was I finally demanded the Dentist allow me to get Dentures and the Dentist finally agreed. Here is more on my Dental Journey, Dental Journey Update and a pic of the day I got my "teeth"!

I am looking forward to 2013! I am looking forward to getting my household back in order and back on routine! I am looking forward to many days of Family Fun for our family of 5. I am looking forward to having my boys experience new and different things and more of the same! I am looking forward to making 2013 one of the BEST yet and being a RELAXING year!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Never mind the difficulties as they will always be part of our lives. What's important is that you have accomplished things that will make you feel proud of yourself. Anyhow, your dentures look great on you. I've read your dental journey, by the way. It took you a long time getting dentures, so I know how happy you are now that you finally have “teeth.”
Pricilla Romberg

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

You look good with your dentures! Wearing dentures sure has a lot of benefits. One is you can smile confidently again, you can eat what that you want, and speak comfortably to anyone. However, it will demand constant care. I'm certain that your dentist already told you what to do, so keep those in mind.

Jody Howell @Houston Smile Docs

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