Friday, June 10, 2011

I can "Smell the Bread" already

OK, so not really, but hopefully tomorrow I will!  Thanks to my wonderful sister, I know have a "new to me" bread machine! My faithful Sunbeam Bread Machine "died" about a month ago, after using it for 5yrs. I love, love, love the Sunbeam Bread Machine and I will be getting one of those again in the very near future, but I have been missing homemade fresh bread and Homemade Pizza Dough for the past month, so I needed something to hold me over until I purchase it!

I had looked at the Goodwill store that is across the street from my apartment, but they didn't have any decent ones. The ones they did have were dirty and overpriced. My twin sister lives very close to a Goodwill store, so I called her last night when she was out and about and asked if she would/could go and check to see if they had a bread machine. She went and found a few to choose from and called me with the info. The prices ranged from $3.99 to $6.99 I told her to grab the Oster brand one that she was looking at. She paid $6.99 for it. She works only 4 blocks from me, so she was able to bring it down this morning! Here is my new machine:

Ohh I can't wait to make our favorite breads, pizza dough and more again! Some of our favorite recipes that I use are:

Bread Machine Pizza DoughBread Machine Onion BreadBread Machine English Muffins,
Cinnamon Rolls (copycat recipe for Cinnabons)Buttery Bread Machine Rolls.

These are just a few that I use! The Buttery Bread Machine Rolls are absolutely awesome. To both the Buttery Rolls and the Pizza Dough we add a bit of fresh pressed garlic or if we don't have that on hand, some garlic powder. It really brings out the flavor in both of those! The Cinnamon Rolls we do the night before and stick them in fridge unbaked overnight. I also do many recipes from a 57 page Bread Machine recipe document that was a freebie from Crystal Paine a few years ago, before her Money Saving Mom blog. She has a different blog and she offered it up as a freebie! I printed it out and put it into a folder and use many of the recipes from there often, including a Carrot cake. It is more like quick bread, but it is soo yummy!

I will still be purchasing the Sunbeam Bread Machine very soon and I will keep this one also. I will use it to bake bread on the weekends and freeze it. We will be purchasing a small chest freezer in the very near future and then we are going to start doing some "Freezer Cooking" on the weekends. I will be able to have 2 bread products going at the same time once I purchase the Sunbeam Bread Machine.

I love Bread Machines and I am so glad my sister found this machine for me!!

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