Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrift Store Bargains!!

I love a bargain and I really love Thrift store shopping! I was out and about today in the area where my 2 favorite Thrift stores are, so I stopped at both of them. 

I have become so good at Thrift store shopping that I can usually find the things that are barely used and even brand new for super cheap. The best way to accomplish this is I need to go alone, no kids or hubby along. I can take my time and look through the racks carefully. 

My boys grow so fast and go through jeans and shorts so rapidly, I don't want to pay full price for their jeans right now. I normally get their jeans and shorts at the thrift store. I also am very lucky to find things for me and my husband in excellent condition. 

Today I was on the hunt for summer stuff for everyone. I was lucky enough to score quite a few nice things for me, a pair of shorts each for the boys, and 2 pairs of shorts for the hubby. I also found a really nice Tupperware Bread Container. I love the older Tupperware products compared to what is out today. 


I spent about $38 on all this stuff!! YEAH!!!!  
Black tote bag is a Nine West bag  $6.  
Tuppeware Bread Container  $2.
Both pairs of shorts for DH $4 each
Both pairs of capris for me $2 each
T-shirt for me .90¢
Shorts for Josh $3.50
Shorts for Nathan $3
Shorts for Danny $1.50
Summer PJ's for me $4
Purse for me $2.50 

I love love love Thrift store shopping!! Looking forward to going again soon! 

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