Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Record Setting July in Chicago

I love, love, love Summer, but this is the 2nd year in a row that it seems we haven't been able to enjoy our summer due to the weather in Chicago area. I am very glad that I haven't paid any money for pool passes or other local summertime outdoor activities, as we would not have gotten our monies worth!

July 2011 has now earned it's place in the record books a couple of times over. Record-setting July one of hottest and wettest EVER! Chicago saw a week of extreme heat, or as Sam Champion from Good Morning America calls it, a "heatdome". We also saw many days of rain storms and flooding. ComEd has been dealing with lots of power outages in July. Many areas of Chicagoland got hit with basement flooding, streets flooding and more. We almost had a repeat of last year, when our apartment flooded.

July 23rd, Tub filling with Sewage

I really dislike not being able to get out and about to places like the Zoo, parks and more with the boys. We all love being outdoors, but I just can't risk taking them out in the extreme heat or the rain. I am very much hoping that August brings us better weather soon. The first 2 days of August have been HOT and a rain storm just passed through about an hour ago. I must say on days where the weather has been great, we have been out from right after breakfast until dinner time. I am so making sure my boys get out whenever the weather cooperates, which hasn't been too much lately. We are quickly running out of  "indoor activities" to do. We do have plenty of books, so we have been getting lots of reading done, especially Josh(9yrs old) and myself. We love the library and have lots of books from there right now.

I am going to be planning lots of outdoor learning activities and field trips for September and October so that we can enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold to enjoy the outdoors. I feel really sad for the kids who are heading back to school in just 3 short weeks, as they barely had a summer and will be sitting in classrooms soon for 8hrs a day! I hope they can find ways to make the best of the next 3 weeks and enjoy what is left!

I am really yearning for good weather soon so we can enjoy Park Days and picnics in the park, Zoo days and  our other favorite summertime activities! I want to make a couple trips Downtown with the boys also!

Here's hoping good weather is headed our way for some good summertime fun!

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