Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 10/18

Outside the Window: It is gloomy and chilly! Going to rain later today and the high of only 52. Chicago has been blessed with some nice weather for the last 2 weeks, so no complaints here!

I am thinking: Today will be a great day to make some homemade cookies and Peanut Butter Balls.

I am Thankful for: Seeing a Vasucular Specialist last week. I have been having issues with the Left Leg Veins and the Dr. I saw last week was awesome! I might be on the road to an official diagnosis.

From the Learning Rooms: We are working on our regular studies and also a Fall Leaf and Tree Study. We were able to get out and do the outside work for the Autumn study last week, now to put it all together.

In the Kitchen: I am going to do some baking today and a simple dinner of Tacos. Our menu plan for the rest of the week: 10-16-10/22

I am wearing: Blue Legging pants, purple t-shirt, fuzzy slippers socks. (my inside clothes)

I am creating: Nothing. I don't have the creative juices flowing this week. LOL

I am going: NOWHERE!!! I need to stay in and relax my leg as much as possible!

I am wondering: About the results of the ultrasound that was done on my leg on Friday. I go back to the Dr. on Oct 27th, so I have sometime to keep wondering about them!

I am Reading: Lots of great library books and books that I am going to be reviewing. (see the Right Side Bar for my By the Reading Chair list). I am currently reading A Promise for Ellie by Lauraine Snelling.

I am hoping: For a small provision that would help our family greatly with something that needs to be taken care of ASAP.

I am looking forward to: Staying close to home this week! The boys and I have been taking advantage of the awesome weather that Chicago has been blessed with for a few weeks now, but I am exhausted now. We are staying in this week!

Around the house: I still haven't gotten to organizing the kitchen yet. I am putting that on the "To Do" List for Saturday. The rest of the week is just daily upkeep!

I am pondering: I read this quote today and I think it is GREAT: Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education youwant for your children. Ask what kind of people do you want them to become! Bob & Geri Boyd

One of my Favorite Things: Bottle Tops. I had seen the infomerical on TV and then my dad purchased some. I borrowed a couple of my dad's and had to go purchase my own! Bottle Tops are basically a lid for your canned drinks. The Bottle Tops really do work! I especially like them for outside use for picnics and camping. No bugs or bees getting into your drink. They are also useful if you don't finish your drink in one sitting, you can close the lid and store it in the fridge and it stays fresh. I have been using them for about 18 months and paid $5.88 per 12pack at Walmart. I just found them at Dollar Tree this past weeked for $1 per 12 pack. The ones at Dollar Tree are the "REAL DEAL" not a knockoff. LOVE Bottle Tops!

A few plans for the Rest of the week: We have a "slow week", not much going on and I am glad. Wednesday we have AWANA and Wednesday night dinner at church. Saturday I am staying in all day and not doing much, just a little organizing and cleaning. Sunday is church and then home for more rest and relaxation!

A picture to share:
Fall Colors in our Neighborhood

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I so wish we had fall colors! Enjoyed the picture very much!

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful picture. I hope you get a good report on your leg. Take it easy!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I hope you're able to get a diagnosis for treatment on your leg!

I'm baking today too! I already finished 2 batches of pumpkin muffins with oatmeal crumble on top. I have 2 loaves of bread rising on the stove and ready to bake soon. Yum!

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