Monday, April 29, 2013

MyBlogSpark: BIG G Retro Packaging Review and Giveaway

"Everything Old is New Again" seems to be the "it thing" nowadays! To tell you the truth I am LOVING IT because many of the "old things" are things from my childhood. I LOVED having cereal for breakfast before heading off to school and some of my favorites are were BIG G cereals!

Well, Target and BIG G have partnered together and are bringing back Retro packaging for a selected few of the cereals! Here are the participating Cereal Retro Boxes:

I was super excited when I received the package below from MyBlogSpark and General Mills. My boys were equally excited. We LOVE Family Game Night and I had never played Parcheesi but we are slowly learning and loving it. My oldest LOVES Cheerios and my personal favorite is Lucky Charms. The Target Gift Card will be used to add another game to our collection for Family Games night. The Prize Pack was a HUGE hit in our household all around!

Starting mid-March Big G cereals will once again be going “Retro” with special edition classic packaging from the 1950’s, ’60s and ’80s!

For a limited time you can relive your childhood by heading on over to your local Target® store’s cereal aisle, as Big G cereals have brought back their “Retro” themed packaging. To help celebrate the event, Big G has team up with Hasbro®, offering a $5 coupon on Clue® Vintage, Scrabble® Vintage, Parcheesi® Vintage or Risk® Vintage board games at Target!

Join in the fun by purchasing the Retro Big G cereal packages at Target, the Hasbro Vintage game coupon, and your favorite General Mills cereals.  Hurry! Your chance to collect all five limited edition Retro packages and a $5 Hasbro® board game coupon ends soon.        

  • Don’t forget to go online & print a coupon for $1 off 2 General Mills cereals before you head to Target!
  • Collect all 5 different throw-back packages that each include a $5 coupon for these vintage Hasbro® board games; available exclusively at Target® from March 15, 2013 to April 30, 2013 while supplies last. Coupon valid at Target stores from March 15, 2013 to December 31, 2013.
  • Participating Big G cereals include: Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (16.2 oz.), Lucky Charms® (16 oz.), Honey Nut Cheerios® (17 oz.), Cheerios® (18 oz.) and Cocoa Puffs® (16.5 oz.)
  • Participating Hasbro vintage board games: Clue® Vintage, Scrabble® Vintage, Parcheesi® Vintage or Risk® Vintage

One lucky reader of my blog has the chance to win the Same Prize Pack I received. Enter here:

Disclosure: The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

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