Monday, April 29, 2013

Gabby Moms Review: Healing Hearts with Helping Hands

I am always at a loss for the "right words" to comfort those I know when they are grieving or going through "rough times". I want to be able to express myself without using the old "cliche" words of comfort. I tend to silence myself rather then reaching out. Well, THANKS to Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement, I think I may now be able to be reach out and be a comforter.

Lorrie Flem recently released a 57 page Ebook(PDF Format) titled "Healing Hearts with Helping Hands". "Healing Hearts with Helping Hands" is packed full of info on helping those near and dear to you during their grieving process. 2 things that Lorrie says that really stood out to me are: "There is no right or wrong way to grieve" and also "There is no set timetable for grieving". I really believe this and that is why I am always at a loss for words or ideas to help along.I was really encouraged by the section in this Ebook that has "What to Say" and "What Not To Say".

"Healing Hearts with Helping Hands" is so much more then the Right or Wrong words to say. The title really says it all, it is about how we can tangibly help them through the grieving process. I really LOVE how Lorrie suggests reaching out by saying "I would really like to help by ___________". Too often many reach out by saying "Call me if you need me" and that really isn't very comforting and during a time of grief one, the grieving person is unlikely to ask for help. Cleaning, Babysitting, running errands, help with paperwork, are just a few ways to tangibly help.

I really LOVE how this Ebook really covers the many facets of Meal Giving Etiquette. Recipe ideas, Allergy considerations, age considerations, what to avoid, packaging and delivery and more are all covered in this ebook. I also really enjoyed the ideas for Gift Baskets and how to be an encouragement during the time before the passing if a prolonged illness. I really LOVE this ebook as a whole! Lots of info that I would have never given much thought to but so important during times of grief.

Do you ever feel like this could be a ministry for you? Are you someone who is always at a loss on how to comfort during times of grief? I know that you will gain much knowledge  and perspective from this Ebook as I did.

GREAT news you can order this ebook for $3.50 from Lorrie's online store. Even better news if you would like the Kindle version there is a sale coming up. May 1st-May 3rd will be available for .99¢!!! Get the Kindle Version HERE! No need to worry if you do not own a Kindle device as there are many ways to read Kindle books with the many different "apps" Kindle offers for FREE. Check out those options HERE! You will be very encouraged by this ebook so please head on over and buy it!

I would also invite you to check out Lorrie's website and the many other products she has available at Eternal Encouragement. Also, check out the Bi-Monthly FREE Eternal Encouragement Digital Magazine.


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