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Back to School Sale "Deals" July 21-July 27 2013

YES, my favorite time of the year is back! I know it seems like some kids just got out of school, but many kids will be heading back in about 3-4 weeks. Time to get buying and stocking up while the sales are going on.

I LOVE Back to School shopping and I scour the ads each week looking for the best deals, so I figured I should share with you all! The sales this week are a little "WEAK" yet, I hope they pick up soon, but there isn't too much to "jump for joy" about quite yet. (At least not in my opinion) The past couuple of years have seen "weak" sales and even the clerks at the Office stores agree. So let's hope the "Deals and Stock Up" prices improve soon!

If you are a Teacher or Homeschooling Parent, check out my Teacher Discounts for Homeschoolers post to sign up for Teacher Discount cards. VERY useful at the 3 main Office Supply Stores. Office Max allows those with the Teacher card a limit of 20 of each of the sale items.

Here is the listing of the BEST deals at the Stores. The store name is clickable to the Store Ad.

Office Depot: 

Office Depot Brand Folders: 2 pocket or 2 pocket w/Prong  .10¢ each  Limit 10 per household
Office Depot Brand Eraser Caps  12pk  .10¢ each  Limit 3 per household
Office Depot Brand Permanent Markers 5 pk $1each  Limit 3 per household

Swiss Gear Backpacks $10 each  Limit 3 per household

Back to School Dollar Deals: 

$1 Items:
Office Brand Poly Index Card Box
Elmers School Glue 4oz
Office Depot Brand Pink Erasers 3pk
Office Depot Brand Wood Pencils 12pk

$2 Items:
Scholastic BookCover
Office Depot Brand 8" Scissors
FORAY Eraseable Highlighters W/ Chisel Tips 3pk

$3 Items:
Office Depot Brand 2 Pocket Poly Folders 6pk
Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens & Mechanical Pencils
Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

$4 Items:
Scotch Color Duct Tape Rolls
Art Sheet Construction Paper 300pcs
Wilson Jones 1 1/2" Tinted View Binder

Office Max:

1¢ Deals(after $5 minimum purchase, excluding price of Max Value items):
Schoolio 3x5 Index Cards 100 pk
OfficeMax Glue Sticks 2pk
Wood Pencils (single, not in packs)

.50¢ Items: 
Sliding Pencil Box
Clorox Wipes to Go
Mini Storage Boxes (nice size for paper clips and rubber bands)
1 Subject Spiral Notebooks 70 sheets

$1 Items: 
WestCott 5" Junior Blunt or Pointed Scissors
OfficeMax 2 Pocket with Fasteners or 4 pocket Laminate Folders
OfficeMax Poly Spiral Notebook 70 Sheets
Select OfficeMax Gel Pen Multipacks

$2 Items: 
OfficeMax Wireless Notebooks 80 Sheets
WestCott 8" Scissors
All Zebra Z-Grip 5 packs Pens
Quartet 8.5"x 11" Dry Erase Board w/Marker
OfficeMax Invisible Tape 4-pack
All DUCK Brand Duct Tape Mini Rolls

$3 Items: 
OfficeMax Compact Stand Up Stapler
Select OfficeMax Plastic Clipboards
Select POST-IT Flags
All POST-IT 3x3 Super Sticky Notes 5 packs

Ticonderoga #2 Pencils 24pk 2/$5  (48 pencils for $5)
Schoolio 7 or 13 Pocket Expanding File  $5

[IN] Place Binders (all varities) Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Sharpie and Expo Marker Packs Buy 2 Get 1 Free


.25¢ items: 
Sharpie Permanent Markers 2pk Limit 2 per customer
Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens 8pk Limit 2 per customer
Staples Poly Cover 1 subject spiral notebook 70 sheets  Limit 5 per customer
Mini Storage Bins (perfect for paper clips or rubberbands) Limit 2 per customer

.50¢ Items: 
Staples Filler Paper 120 Sheets Wide or College Rule Limit 5 per customer
Staples Poly Cover Composition Books 70 Sheets Wide or College Rule
BIC Velocity Gel Pen Black 2pk

$1 Items: 
WestCott 7" Scissors
3x5 Index Card Case
Binder Clips 15pk
5x8 Writing Pad, assorted designs and rulings
Paper Clips 120/pk
Duck Poster Putty 2oz
WestCott 12" Plastic Ruler
BIC Great Escape Dry Erase markers 4/pk
(more items in ad)

$2 Items: 
PaperMate Profile Ballpoint pens 4/pk
Staples Jumbo Glue Sticks 2/pk
Staples 1 subject Primary(grades K-2) Compostion book, 100 sheets
Staples 1 hole punch
Pilot Frixion highlighters 3/pk
Scotch Shipping Tape w/dispenser

Staples Memo Cube and Twirl Pad $3

7 pocket poly expanding file, letter size $5

Check the Ad for Various Calculators on sale at prices ranging $9.99-$149.99

Make sure you have the Walgreens Reward Card for the sale prices. You can get one FREE at the store.

Wexford School Supplies 4/$1 (limit 8):
Pink Erasers 2pk
Cap Erasers 15pk

WexFord School Supplies 6/$1:
2 Pocket Folders w/Prongs
Memo Books 50 or 80 sheets (mini, pencil box sized Spiral notebooks)

.29¢ Wexford 3x5 Index Cards 70 or 100

.39¢ Wexford Glue School 4oz or Jumbo Stick 2oz, Limit 6

2/$1 items: 
Wexford Sheet Protectors 10pk
Wexford 5-Tab Color Dividers

.69¢ Items: 
Sharpie Permanent Marker
Plastic Pencil Box
Wexford Filler Paper 130 sheets
Composition Book 80 sheets
20 pk #2 Pencils

.99¢ Crayola 
10pk Markers
12pk Colored Pencils
24pk Crayons

Adventure Trail Backpack $2.99
Drawstring Bags 2pk  $2.99

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Wexford 1" Binders

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Wexford Stick Pens 20pk or Wexford Retractable Gel Pens 4pk


No AD for WalMart. The only item I know the price of right now are 70 Sheet Spiral Notebooks for .17 each. Wide Rule or College Rule


Target has a lot of College Dorm items on sale this week, not too many good deals on small supplies. Here is what I found that might be worth while:

.25¢ Up & Up Brand School Glue 4oz or 2 pk Glue Sticks

.99¢ items: 
Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers
Up & Up Brand 24pk Colored Pencils
Elmers Purple Glue Sticks 6pk
Mead 70 Sheet Spiral Notebooks
Mead Composition Books 70 Sheets

$1 Items: 

BIC Cristal Ballpoint 10pk Pens
BIC Briteliner Highlighters 4pk

Ticonderoga Wood Pencils 10pk $2


I could NOT find the Kmart Ad online at their site or anywhere so I can't post any deals from Kmart.

This is the Round Up of the "Major" store deals. I have a couple more stores to cover(Michael's Arts and Crafts, etc), but I have to get ready for a LONG day tomorrow. It has been a LONG weekend. I will come back to this post on Tuesday morning and add in a couple of more stores! Hope this helps those in search of good STOCK up prices for Back to Schoool!


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