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Mosaic Reviews: My Home School Grades

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using online programs for everything. Calendar, Menu Planning, Household Organization, Communication, Homeschool programs. The one program that I haven't been able to find something of my liking was one for keeping track of my boys Homeschool Grades. I am not required to keep grades, but sometimes they like seeing how they are doing. THANKS to being a member of Mosaic Reviews, I think I have now found that program. I was asked to use and review My Home School Grades and it is soo easy to use and has all the facets of Record Keeping a homeschool family needs!

My Home School Grades was founded in 2012 by Homeschool Dad, John Echols and Homeschool Graduate, Jordan Shute. The 2 created this website to be a "one place for all your homeschool needs" for homeschool families. You can learn more about John, Jordan and the company HERE.

My Home School Grades is a very user friendly and easy to navigate.

The many "facets" of My Home School Grades:

Add a Student: Your membership allows you to track and grade all the students in your family. The "Add a Student" screen is so easy to use and allows you to select a different "Avatar" for each child. GREAT feature!

Add a Class: For each student you are able to add their class courses into their profile. It is as easy as clicking the "Add a Class" button on their profile page and then add the info requested in the screen that pops up. You can even add in your own curriculum and lesson plans or choose from the ever growing list of Publishers they have already added.

Edit a Class: You can also very easily Edit "Class info" if changes come up such Grade Change or Curriculum Change. Click on Edit class and the Class info screen comes up and you can change info as needed.

Add An Activity: Click on the Student and then near the bottom is a Tab that says "Acitivities" Go there and click the yellow "Add an Activity" button and screen pop ups with drop down menus to select and input the info and description of the Activity. No limit to the amount of activities! I really like this "facet" of My Home School Grades as many colleges look to see the different programs many students were involved in!

Transcript Creator: I know many parents struggle with creating a Transcript for their "Students", as creating Transcripts can be mind boggling and frustrating. My Home School Grades creates Transcripts very easily with the info you enter for each student. Once all the grades are entered it is as easy as clicking a button that says "Transcript" to generate the Official Transcript to be signed! I know that alone is a GREAT feature of this program.

The things I LOVE about My Home School Grades: 

  • Ease of use
  • The creators have really covered everything needed for good record keeping
  • The drop down menus make filling in info fun and easy
  • The ability to change info as you go along and to input info Retroactively
  • All the GREAT "How To Videos" on their website. The program is pretty self explanitory, but the How To videos are wonderfully made and make it even easier to understand
  • The many different ways to contact support and receive support for the program
  • The ability to access it on the Go via the website via Laptop, Tablet, smartphone. (There are no "Apps" for the program as of yet, but you can access the website anywhere internet access is available. Data charges may apply if you access from a data plan)
A couple of suggestions for improvement: 

A Family Calendar function:  Once activities are listed for each child a calendar would/could be created. The ability to print such a calendar would also be helpful. The ability to add additional Family Activities to the calendar would be awesome.

Email Reminders: The ability to add reminders to certain activities or all activities sent to the email registered to the account. Busy homeschool families write things down but we often forget. LOL

Does My Home School Grades sound like a program that you would use for your family or NEED for your family? You are problem thinking a program like this is going to be expensive and have monthly or yearly fees? Well you can have all that My Home School Grades has to offer for a cost of $49.99 for a LIFETIME membership!! YES you read that correctly, $49.99 gets you all this for a ONE TIME FEE!! My Home School Grades will also make sure that any updates that are done to the program will also be done to current accounts. Not sure yet if this is "the Program" for your family, you can sign up for a 14 Day FREE Trial, No Credit Card Required!

Where to find My Home School Grades on the web:
Support Page

I give My Home School Grades 5 out of 5 Stars!! EXCELLENT PRODUCT that I will be using for MANY years to come. (I was given a LIFETIME membership in exchange for my honest review)

Click here on Friday May 24th to read what other members of Mosaic Reviews have to say about My Home School Grades.

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